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Unique Performance Volleyball provides private lessons to volleyball players from ages 10 & up in the Charlotte, NC area and surrounding areas such as Rock Hill, SC, Fort Mill, SC, Lake Norman, NC, etc. We provide group or individual lessons. We will do our best to match an instructor to the exact skill or skills you would like to work on for each lesson. You can either choose your instructor from the list below, or we will match the instructor to your needs.

IHSA High-School Volleyball Players: To answer many people’s questions, YES, you are allowed to attend private volleyball lessons and training during the High-School season in accordance with IHSA rules. According to IHSA By-Law 3.110, the IHSA states that no more than 2 players from a High-School may participate in the same training session. Unique Performance is well aware of all USAV & IHSA regulations, and adheres to all guidelines in a strict manner as to not jeopardize the eligibility of our athletes. The full IHSA rule is available at the bottom of this page.

Currently Lessons are: Available – please email lessons@uniquevb.com to schedule or call (309) 868-6938


John Sutton – Master Coach All Skills (Specializes in advanced hitting techniques, & hitting for power)

Lindsey Sutton – Master Setter’s & Defense Coach (Specializes in fundamentals and advanced setting techniques, and defensive specialist)

Emily Carrara - Master Coach All Skills (Specializes in Passing & Defensive techniques)

Other Coaches may be brought in on an as needed basis. All coaches will have a solid background both playing and coaching. Groups of 4 or more will have 2 coaches present.


Individual Lesson (1 athlete):

Unique Performance Club Members – $35/hr.

Non-Club Members – $45/hr.

Small Group Lessons (2-4 athletes):

Unique Performance Club Members – $28 per Person/hr.

Non-Club Members – $38 per Person/hr.

How to Schedule:

To Schedule a Lesson send an email to lessons@uniquevb.com , and include your name, phone number, age of player, preferred instructor, position, skills you would like to work on, and lastly preferred night and time of lesson.

We will do our best to fit all interested parties into our schedule.

IHSA In-Season Rule (Illinois Student-Athletes):

Here is the direct rule from the IHSA By-Laws.  Please note the bold blue area which is the focus of the rule according to the IHSA:


3.111 During the school year, students shall not participate in any coaching school, camp or clinic for any interscholastic sport or which provides instruction in any skill of an interscholastic sport. A coaching school, camp or clinic is defined as any program, sponsored by an organization or individual, which provides instruction in sports theory and/or skills; which does not culminate in competition,and which is attended by more than two (2) persons from the school which the student attends. Programs that involve only demonstration of skills and sports theory without providing instruction and requiring active participation by attendees are not considered coaching schools. Violation shall cause ineligibility for a period not to exceed 365 days.

3.112 Students may attend a coaching school, camp or clinic during the summer months provided they do not attend before school is out in the spring or after Sunday of Week Number 5 in the IHSA Standardized Calendar. Such coaching schools, camps and clinics may be conducted by an individual, group or even a member school and instruction at such programs may be provided by any person. However, in the case of a school-sponsored camp, participation may not be restricted to high school students who have been certified eligible for athletics.

3.113 Students may participate in school physical conditioning programs and recreational programs.

3.114 During the school year, students may serve as demonstrators for a coaching school, camp or clinic conducted exclusively for coaches or officials.